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We deliver every two soccer fields per day worldewide.

STI make artificial grass

Soccer Turf International Ltd -- Your world local artificial grass partner.STI is a China leading artificial turf manufacturer, We provide the leading artificial grass for football and soccer sports, we select the most durable and handsome synthetic grass for your soccer pitch with worldwide shipping.

soccer carpet artificial grass

STI deliver soccer pitch

STI is a China leading artificial turf manufacturer, with the production capacity of 10000m2 per day artificial turf of football,and we deliver two soccer fields every day worldwide,whatever the,professional soccer field, futsal pitch or indoor mini soccer field.

artificial turf soccer pitch

Import easier as shop

Back on our export and logistics team , we deal each order fluently from any country of the world for STI clients. It will be a very nice experience working with STI to importing the synthetic grass, just easier as shopping next door ,contact us now by email: andy@soccer-maker.com .

STI synthetic grass sales support

STI Artificial Turf

Most handsome while durable Football soccer artificial turf from China

Football Artificial Turf Yarn football artificial turf yarn

We choose most durable and shaped synthetic turf yarn to produce our soocer football artificial turf to make sure the synthetic grass is natural looking,durable and for high traffic performance.

Soccer Artificial Grass Production

soccer Artificial turf manufacturing, synthetic grass production

Every little details will be inspected to make sure our artificial grass turf is good before the packing,each inch of the grass must be 100% decent before it be rolled and packed.

Sport Lab Football artificial turf Test

artificial grass testing for soccer sports

STI ' artificial turf grass is back with Chinese University tech team to improve quality of artificial grass and innovate the new technology to improve the synthetic turf continuously.

Modern artificial turf warehouse

artificial grass warehouse in china

STI use different color packing material for different clients to make sure the artificial grass is well organized in the warehouse ,which should be ready to be shipped without delay and mistake.

Professional Football artificial turf

artificial turf for professional soccer field

We have the most advaced artificial turf for the professional level football soccer field pitch, the grass should perfectly same as the natural grass in terms of looking, life span and silkiness.

Artificial grass for soccer training field

artificial grass for soccer training field

We have the second choice of artificial grass with cost-effective option for the general football field of training level.

Indoor soocer Futsal artificial turf

artificial turf for indoor soccer,futsal

STI provide the cost-effective artificial grass with infill rubber granule for the mini soccer field, indoor football field and futsal pitch.

Mini Soccer Field Carpet

worldwide artificial turf shipping

STI provide the in time artificial grass support from the quoation, samples support and worldwide shipping service, importing the synthetic grass from STI is easy just like buy a good from your next door shop, easier ,faster and more confident.